Actress, Comic, Voice-Over

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Daytime NBC-WFLA Tampa, Florida
Charley Belcher FOX-WTVT Tampa Bay
The Daily Buzz Syndicated AM Show
Orlando Live! Live web stream show
Home Shopping Network Lancome Cosmetics
Road to Standup Sideline Media Group
Ocean's 11 Warner Brothers Studios, Steven Soderbergh, Director
E.R. Warner Brothers TV, Anthony Edwards, Director
Return To Me MGM Studios, Bonnie Hunt, Director
Early Edition CBS-TV
Artbeat Chicago WTTW Chicago, IL
103.5 The Beat FM Kleiminish Films, Chicago, Illinois
The Big Break Autumn Winds Productions, Vince Van Patten, Director
Blessings From the Food Court Condne Films
The Single's Game Mike McDaniel, Director
Brighton Beach Memoirs Francis Wilson Theater, Clearwater, Fl.
Hedda Gabler Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Florida State University
Busch Gardens Tampa, FL
Comedy Warehouse Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World, Orlando
Love Bytes and Mega Hurts Second City, E.T.C., Chicago, IL
Comedy for Dummies Improv Olympic, Chicago, IL
Kill the Haviland Ladder Baum House Theater, Chicago
Clothilde A. Atropos Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago
The Third Floor Second City, Chicago
The Canadians Improv Olympic, Chicago
Saima Na Nagel Chicago Metropolitan Symphony with Frank McCourt
The New Organization Bailiwick Director's Festival, Chicago
Parallel Lives Women's Theatre Alliance, Chicago
Murder, She Wrote Universal Studios, Orlando, FL
I Hate Hamlet Triangle Theater, Orlando
The Government Inspector Florida State University
Peer Gynt Florida State University
M.S. in Theatre, Florida State University School of Theatre
B.A. in Theatre, Florida State University School of Theatre
Acting: Uta Hagen at The Piven Theater, Fred Chappell, Michael Richey, Jose Quintero , Helen Chinoy
Singing Technique: Ed Linderman, Adam Gray
Camera Technique: Robin Nassif /ABC TV, Richard Kordos
Commercial: Glenn Haines
Improv: Second City Conservatory with Mick Napier, Improv Olympic with Del Close , Charna Halpern with Peter Gwinn. The Annoyance Theater with Joe Bill
Voice Over: Ginny Koph
Costume/Stage Design: Colleen Muscha
2011 STAR nominee Best Supporting Actress: Blanche in Brighton Beach Memoirs . Divisional finalist The Boston Comedy Festival, William E. Wilson Grant Award Winner and Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship recipient.
Special Skills:
Standup comedy, Corporate Comedy, Improv, Voice over experience, Teacher, Humorist, Costume and Stage Design, Stage Combat, Dialects, Dramaturgy, Swimming, Skating, Fitness, Kickboxing, Bely dancing, Zumba, Director, Cat Hoarding in progress.
Florida Association for Theatre Educators, South Eastern Theatre Conference, Alpha Psi Omega, Arts Alliance, International Thespian Honor Society - Sponsor, National Education Foundation, Women for Women International.